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Thanksgiving birds: A shapely wine decanter and salt-and-pepper shakers

November 12, 2009 | 11:56 am
Bird decanter jp

For wine lovers with a sense of humor and a taste for modern glassware, this bird decanter is a welcome change from the usual streamlined vessels used for aerating your favorite red.  

Perch_shake-a-legBalanced on one sturdy yet shapely foot, it reminds me of Perch ceramic designer Amy Adams' Shake A Leg salt and pepper set, a holiday hit in 2007. Those shakers, right, sell for $48 at Velocity Art and Design. They would make a witty table companion to the bird decanter, a new arrival at Fitzsu, priced at $330.

The decanter's chick-like profile suggests Scandinavian design, but, in fact, the glass piece is mouth-blown in Italy. In addition to being fun, it is also functional. The low, wide bowl benefits younger vintages that need more room to breathe and the shape of the piece allows for graceful handling and serving.

See how easy it is to put this bird in hand after the jump.

To serve with the bird decanter, straddle your first and second finger around its leg and cradle the bowl in the palm of your hand. Pour.


-- David A. Keeps