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Obsolete's 'Terminator' lamps

October 19, 2009 |  8:24 am

ObsoleteRay Azoulay, the owner of the store Obsolete in Santa Monica, describes this as "an unusual desk lamp with an articulated metal hand from an early artist's model attached to a science lab arm and an iron base."

Fair enough, but the crafty contraption looks like it might spring to life like the remains of a cyborg assassin after you turn off the light. 

It's constructed from found vintage objects by an East Coast artist whose identity Azoulay won't reveal, and there are only three lamps like this one, which explains the price: $1,950 each. It's steep for Halloween decor, but I can see it finding a place year-round on the desk of someone such as Crispin Glover.

As scary as it seems, the robotic hand daintily holds a vintage caged fixture, a trend that we at the Home desk have been seeing a lot of lately. 

Check back here over the next week to see more examples of bulbs behind bars.  

-- David A. Keeps

Photo: Obsolete


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