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Tradio, or trade radio: Garage sale over the airwaves

September 3, 2009 | 10:10 am

Times staff writer P.J. Huffstutter reports today from Findlay, Ohio, where the old garage sale has moved onto the airwaves. Trade radio, or tradio, speaks volumes of the times. From Huffstutter's story:

Deejay Chris Oaks hunched over a studio soundboard at WFIN-AM radio, ignoring the cramp in his lower back and the flashing lights from the phone lines.

He listened to the voice in his headphones: a man calling in to sell a pair of air conditioners for $60 each.

"I need the money more than I need to stay cool," the man said. ...   

"It's amazing how much you can find out from someone in 30 seconds or less," Oaks said. "You learn to piece things together through the hints and guess at the rest."

Click here for the full story. You also may want to check out the Home section article from earlier this year in which Veronique de Turenne looked to the listings of furniture and heirlooms for sale on Craigslist as a window into the lives behind the closed front curtains.

-- Craig Nakano

Photo: Jeffrey Sauger / For The Times