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The Deal: $5 wasp catcher at PriscillaWoolworth.com

September 14, 2009 |  1:51 pm

WaspCatcher One of the greatest things about living in Southern California is the ability to eat alfresco year-round. The downside? Bugs. Pesky bugs. Stinging bugs. Wasps.

That's why I'm thrilled about the beautifully rustic and inexpensive hanging glass wasp catchers from the L.A.-based eco-friendly online general store PriscillaWoolworth.com.

Just fill the vessel with a little sugar water, and it will lure those pests away from your Prosecco. Wasps enter through a hole in the bottom, start drinking and get trapped. A 5-inch-tall wasp catcher, pictured here, is $5; an 8-inch-tall version is $10. Just for reference, a can of Raid wasp and hornet killer retails for about $7, and that ain't adding any ambiance to a dinner party.

-- Lizzie Garrett

Photo: PriscillaWoolworth.com