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Why not try ... refrigerator decals and bacon magnets?

September 7, 2009 | 12:34 pm

Picnik collagebac

My colleague Lisa Boone's recent post on the Amana Jot refrigerator made me take a long hard look at my own icebox. Along with an assortment of pet pictures and advertising magnets from my local taxi and vet, my fridge had become an assemblage of long-abandoned nutrition and fitness plans, ripped from now-defunct magazines.

Happily, the universe sent me messages: On a visit to photograph artist Kenny Scharf's house, which will appear here soon, so check back), I noticed how he plastered a microwave with produce stickers. Then Boone blogged about silverware as a decorative motif. And then I got a sample of Nouvelles Images' new decals, made from paper backed with a low-tack adhesive. What happened next was just like what happens when I open the refrigerator door: A light bulb went on: I could make my fridge a whole lot cooler.

Although Nouvelles Images makes a line of water-resistant polypropylene stickers specifically for furniture and appliances, I made this transformation with the company's paper Cutlery stickers, which are $32.99 online. The bacon refrigerator magnets, handmade from felt, are $7.25 each at Sappymoosetree.

-- David A. Keeps

Photos: David A. Keeps / Los Angeles Times