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Drive-By Design: Mona Lisa reinterpreted at Traction and Rose in L.A.

August 4, 2009 | 12:34 pm

 Mellon linens, mona lisa 017

While driving around the Arts District in downtown L.A., I passed this wistful-looking Mona Lisa at Traction Avenue and Rose Street. She's definitely not the Renaissance painting by Leonardo da Vinci hanging at the Louvre in Paris, but a newly reinterpreted version complete with Salvador Dali mustache and goatee. She -- or should I say he? -- is still as mysterious as ever.  L.A.'s neighborhoods never fail to surprise. To see other views, click to the jump.

Mellon linens, mona lisa 015  

 Mellon linens, mona lisa 019

-- Barbara Thornburg

Photos: Barbara Thornburg / Los Angeles Times