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Viola Park: Modern kitchens for modern times

July 3, 2009 |  3:15 pm


They aren't IKEA-cheap, but that's the point. Modern kitchen cabinets from a new venture called Viola Park aim to fill a void in the marketplace: something that's a step up from the Swedish superstore and a step down from the high-end "kitchen systems" that fill the pages of shelter magazines. For those who covet the latter but mourn their 401(k) statements, Viola Park may present an affordable alternative. The company, an offshoot of custom cabinetmaker Henrybuilt, will offer kitchens with an average price of about $15,000, excluding backsplash and counter, spokeswoman Lisa Day said. That's less than half what a custom-built, custom-fitted Henrybuilt kitchen of similar size would cost, she said. We have more details -- and, yes, more photos -- after the jump. 


ViolaPark4The Viola Park spokeswoman said the $15,000 average was based on the assumption that most customers will order nine to 11 of the modular units, plus panels and trim. (That's about double what you see above.) Whereas Henrybuilt's cabinets are completely made-to-order, Viola Park's take the off-the-shelf approach, with a menu of modules in standard dimensions. How those pieces fit into place to form a functional kitchen will be the job of customers, with advice from the Viola Park website "and client support staff."

Woods are Forest Stewardship Council-certified; drawers will use the same soft-close mechanism as Henrybuilt cabinets. Corian or Paperstone counters are available at an additional cost. All the cabinets will be hand made in Henrybuilt's Seattle facility.

The Viola Park website has more images.

-- Craig Nakano


Photos: Viola Park