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The Scout: Chasing Fireflies' growth chart for modernist moppets

July 29, 2009 |  5:39 pm

29430-large How did Angelina Jolie know that boy in her 2008 film "Changeling" was not her son? Standing him next to the marks she'd made on the wall to chart her boy's growth, that other kid came up short. 

It might be charmingly old-fashioned to scribble dates and measurements on walls or door jambs, but that just won't fly in many contemporary households. For messiness-averse modern design fans, there's this blue-owl-topped growth chart from Chasing Fireflies. (Also available with a pink bird for girls.) At $98, it's a bit steep, but here are three features that might make it worth the money:

1. Personalization is free. (As long as the name is 10 characters or fewer. Sorry, Bartholomew.)

2. The chart measures to 5 feet. (Because kids grow up so fast these days.)

3. The board is hinged so it can be folded up, concealing the numbers. (The result, shown at  near left, is a piece of wall art so cute you might want it for your own room.)

-- David A. Keeps

Photo credit: Chasing Fireflies