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Which electric car is the most green?

August 28, 2011 | 10:11 am

Chevrolet Volt

The Times business section is taking a look at a new crop of electric cars.

The Times' Jerry Hirsch found there are significant difference in how these cars fare when it comes to carbon emissions:

Is it worth the added expense to reduce your dependence on oil? What are you willing to pay to reduce carbon emissions in your neighborhood? The Nissan Leaf creates about 1.8 tons of carbon emissions in a year's driving, or about 13,500 miles, according to federal estimates. A Honda Accord spews 6.2 tons of carbon emissions traveling the same distance. If you can keep a Chevy Volt — which has a gas engine to kick in and make electricity when the battery runs out — on mostly electric power, you will put up carbon numbers closer to the Leaf.


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Photo: Chevy Volt. Credit: L.A. Times