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California leads 'clean economy,' study finds

July 13, 2011 | 10:43 am


Nationwide, 2.7 million people work in the "clean economy," according to a new study. It employs nearly 320,000 people in California. In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, the sector accounts for about 90,000 workers.

Based on the definition offered in the report from the Brookings Institution, which refers to the clean economy as goods and services with an environmental benefit, there are more green jobs than there are positions with the fossil fuel industry.

The study attempts to tackle a quandary faced by many other researchers: What counts as a green job anyway?

Is it just wind turbine makers, solar panel installers and conservation specialists? Or, as Brookings researchers suggest, does the category also include workers in public mass transit, waste management and organic farming?

Find out how the study deals with the ambiguity -– and learn how much green employees make -– in Wednesday's article


California leads nation in "green jobs," study says

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Photo: Los Angeles Conservation Corps employees begin the process of installing solar panels in Obregon Park in 2010. Credit: Anne Cusack /Los Angeles Times