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'Climatopolis': An optimistic look at how cities will handle a hotter future

September 17, 2010 |  4:19 pm


Global warming is a given, writes UCLA economist Matthew Kahn in his new book, “Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future.” But Kahn’s perspective on this isn’t gloomy: He says we could flourish in warmer climes.

With pop culture-friendly references sprinkled throughout, the book examines what weather patterns will look like across the nation in the next 50 to 60 years. Kahn creates optimistic blueprints for how life might unfold in 2070.

Climatopolis-Book-Jacket-Fi He imagines New York City-style highrises by the beach, ponders if koi ponds are the best use of our water supply, and considers whether moats should be built around the mansions of Malibu. He writes of making the most of it and of happy endings — not what we’re used to reading in works on global warming.

The author recently discussed his book with the Los Angeles Times. For the full interview, visit our Science section.

-- Lori Kozlowski 

Photo, top: Author Matthew Kahn. Credit: Reed Hutchinson. Photo, bottom: "Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future." Credit: Basic Books.