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Arnold's (green) Jacuzzi

November 20, 2008 |  4:59 pm


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a champion of cracking down on global warming emissions, is also renowned for driving Hummers and flying his private jet. In a speech Wednesday to hundreds of delegates gathered for a "Global Climate Summit" in Los Angeles, the former movie star explained why his luxurious lifestyle doesn't mean he's not personally green. A transcript:

In California we have been adopting green policies as fast as we can develop them, because we know this is the only way to go and that's how we can inspire the creation of new technology, which I think will save us all.

It's all about technology, because we all know that the guilt trip that we have put on people has not worked, to tell them that they should not use the Jacuzzi, or the big, large plasma TV, or to drive with a big SUV, a Hummer or something like that. (Laughter)

Or to fly with a plane.

All of those things did not work because the fact of the matter is the people should use a big television set -- but it should be powered by solar.

They should go and sit in the Jacuzzi, in the biggest Jacuzzi in the world -- but it should be powered by solar.

They should fly their airplane whenever they want -- but it should have maybe a different kind of designed engine so we don't use fossil fuel.

Or they should go and stay in their SUVs and in their Hummers -- but maybe have that Hummer be powered by electric motors or something like that. So it's technology that really needs to be changing, not that we're driving a car or taking a Jacuzzi or any of those things.

God forbid we would stop the Jacuzzi. (Laughter)

-- Margot Roosevelt

Photo: Schwarzenegger's fondness for Hummers goes way back: In 2001, in New York, he poses to give thumbs up at the world premiere of the H2 Sport Utility Truck. Credit: Peter Morgan / Reuters