wow i really thought this was going to last long. its a shame but people do grow apart for whatever reason. at least it was decided mutually and will be better as friends. good luck to both in your future. you both still great singers. actors. :)
what starts wrong ends wrong!
i think she would be playing melanie!!
I really think tami is a beauitful woman.i just wish she would not get so upset.people are wrong are we sometime too. So we cant let family and friends get us upset.we must forgive them.god has the him!.
They have been looking for opportunity to arrest him because he sings against their evil system.Nevertheless,Jah will see him through,Amen.l love him so much because of his music.
I love royce and she seems to be a real friend to susie and tamia but at times she seems more meaner now .not tryna be rude just been real i love her but i miss the nicer side
Jennifer Anniston is a beautiful women who has had her share of handsome men, i hope this boyfriend makes her a very, very happy content wife + mother one day soon!! Love You As An actor, Women For Being True To Youeself, friends Fans!! God Bless You, From just a fan, women, mother someone who has Loved + Lost, Been A Weak [@ Times And Am Learning To Love + Be Loved Again] And I Am Women Let Me Roar! :)
all the things that they did was great because they help people. and even im a filipino i know that they are nice.and for angelina im her no. 1 fan.
Yall nd to leave royce alone
u r a awesome singer