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Gwyneth Paltrow cures your hangover and advises Courtney Love

January 2, 2012 |  2:03 pm
Gwyneth Paltrow offers hangover tips

Gwyneth Paltrow is all about sharing the wisdom, be it ways for pal Courtney Love to have an awesome 2012 or for the masses to nurse the hangover from the 2011 New Year's Eve celebration.

Just before the weekend festivities kicked off, Paltrow's weekly lifestyle newsletter Goop offered Gwyneth's various solutions to get rid of that champagne-induced headache. Such as ...

Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow spend New Year's Eve togetherQuick fixes: Gwyn recommends some plop-plop-fizz-fizz in the form of "Resolve," a pharmacist-recommended Alka-Seltzer-like product, and "Mercy," a health elixir that Paltrow disclosed she's an investor in. Check our their contents here.

First-World Fix: In a move that got her a bit of criticism, Gwyneth recommended a sort of, say, icy-hot hangover cure called Hydrotherapy. It only really requires a well-appointed bathtub, steam room and shower, and a lot of walking back and forth.

"Start in a hot, dry room and then move into an even warmer steam room. Then splash yourself with cold water (or even dunk in cold pool or under a cold shower)," Paltrow wrote, "follow it with a full body scrubdown, which is typically followed by a massage. At the end you'll be sent to a cool room to relax and cool down."

Sure, some thought the suggestion was a bit highbrow, but we know one lady who isn't complaining -- Love. The rocker got all kinds of fancy advice without having to subscribe to the newsletter.

"Getting the best advise for the new years from a true friend, love you @GwynethPaltrow @Goop," Love tweeted on New Year's Eve. And what a Dec. 31 -- the Goop newsletter indicated that Paltrow was headed to Abu Dhabi for the ball drop.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photos, from top: Gwyneth Paltrow works the Emmy carpet in Pucci; Courtney Love, left, gets a cuddle from the "Country Strong" star. Credit: WireImage /