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Sara Gilbert has a new girlfriend, wishes she'd told you herself

December 1, 2011 |  3:50 pm

Sara Gilbert has a new girlfriend -- singer-songwriter Linda Perry -- and she's flattered that people are interested, but certainly wishes we'd all found out when she'd done her hair and makeup first.

She and Perry, a member of 4 Non Blondes in the early '90s and who now writes for folks such as Pink and James Blunt, were photographed by paparazzi on a recent Sunday morning, and next thing Gilbert knew, her relationship status had been officially changed online. According to fellow "The Talk" panelist Aisha Tyler, it was not exactly what the actress would have wanted.

"It's weird," Gilbert said. After their morning outing, "I go online and it's on, like, CNN, and I'm flattered, you know, and I can't believe that anyone cares."

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Despite her smile, however, and even though she said she expects in her current job to share personal details with the audience, "I kinda would rather do it on my terms" -- and here's where she got the laugh -- "in full hair and makeup."

Also, perhaps, not be photographed on a Sunday morning when she perhaps thought she could enjoy, as Sharon Osbourne put it, some "privacy," which out of her mouth rhymes with "give-a-see."

Gilbert and Allison Adler, who have two young children together, broke up in August after 10 years together; the two had gone public with their long-term relationship only a year earlier. Then the "Roseanne" veteran teared up a few months back when "The Talk" gang were chatting about marriage in September.

Gilbert, voice cracking, said on that that she wouldn't trade the time she'd had with Adler. "I think that's such a special time in my life. But then you see people in their 70s and you go like, 'How do people do it? How do they make it last?"

She may get to give it another shot.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla