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Lady Gaga's 'Marry the Night' video: five delicious moments

December 2, 2011 |  4:40 pm

Lady Gaga has release her "Marry the Night" video

Lady Gaga has an early holiday present for her little monsters: a music video to accompany her new track "Marry the Night."

In the Ministry's time-honored tradition, we're bringing you our highlights of the video, which you can watch in all its 14 minutes of glory below.

A distinct '80s vibe permeates the usual arty Gaga fare; from color scheme to wardrobe (with a shout out to the sweet black Trans-Am the Lady grinds all over), there's a "Who's That Girl" situation happening. We do not fear any Gaga-Madonna comparison, so take it to comments if you have a beef.

While the choreography leans toward what we've come to expect — brisk movement but nothing exact or exciting on, say, a Beyoncé level — she more than makes up for in narrative.

Our favorite bits include ...

The procedure: The video starts with a tableau in what we can only imagine is the most depressing Berlin women's clinic ever, where Gaga is undergoing some kind of procedure accompanied by her own voice-over. It's a bit unpleasant to watch, but registers brave in a music category that's usually full of Katy Perry's candy shtick or Rihanna's blatant bath house romping. 

The silver lining: Even in her darkest hours, Gaga turns to the whimsy of her work for an injection of optimism. While being wheeled on a gurney by two nurses to some cruel fate, Gaga turns her frown upside down by saying, "For example, those nurses? They're wearing next season Calvin Klein. So am I." It really is the little things.

Her must-haves: Gone from the clinic, we return to New York (Gaga's New York, a dirty, fabulous concrete animal) where she's gone platinum blond and apparently lost all her fame. Yet, there's more optimism. "You may say I lost everything, but I still had my BeDazzler," she says, clad in glittery denim.

Jane Fonda: While Madonna updated aerobics with her ABBA-sampling "Hung Up," Gaga dares to go back to the '80s dance studio for a more elaborate choreographed number. She brings some Jennifer Beals, and it makes us happy.

Archive: Parallel to her sickbed scenes, Gaga's got a lovely moment on the barre, perhaps some kind of childhood tribute to Juilliard, or cotton candy placed over a "Black Swan" dream. Regardless, she's doin' ballet in a look reminiscent of her groundbreaking Alexander McQueen alien get-up from the "Bad Romance" video.



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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lady Gaga does some scantily clad carb loading. Credit: Terry Richardson