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Alec Baldwin busts American on 'SNL'; '30 Rock' grounded? [Video]

December 12, 2011 |  2:51 pm

Alec Baldwin

Hey, Alec Baldwin: How many Words With Friends points would you earn with "snowball"? Because snowballing is what's happening with the actor's American Airlines controversy after an "SNL" bit he executed on Saturday

The "Weekend Update" video starring Baldwin is below, for those who missed the spoof on "Saturday Night Live."

Baldwin made waves last Tuesday by refusing to power down his electronic device on an American Airlines flight, opting instead to continue playing the aforementioned word game. He then allegedly slammed a lavatory door in response to a complaining flight attendant, a move that prompted the pilot to remove him from the plane.

The "30 Rock" star tweeted his displeasure last week -- while the FAA speculated about a possible fine -- then put his own Twitter account on hiatus and finally appeared on "Saturday Night Live" as the fictional Capt. Steve Rogers, who issued an apology to the actor ... er, himself.

"It was very important for me to come here tonight and on behalf of everyone at American Airlines issue an apology to Mr. Alec Baldwin," the actor said, dressed in full uniform and a moustache.

"Mr. Baldwin is an American treasure," Baldwin said, "and I am ashamed at the way he was treated."

American Airlines wasn't too pleased.

"I was disappointed that it was making light of something that’s fairly serious and also was poking fun at a group of employees that are very proud and a historic airline who are going through a tough period right now," Steve Roach, an actual American Airlines pilot, told the MSNBC travel blog Overhead Bin.

What might be worse than offending the fleet would be offending employer NBC's wallet, as American reportedly is considering pulling "30 Rock" from its in-flight entertainment offerings. The American Airlines Flight Attendants Union has petitioned not only to keep Baldwin off their aircraft for good, but also not to air his popular comedy series costarring Tina Fey, said E! Online. 

That's a lot of hubbub (which couldn't be had on Words With Friends, mind you, because there are only two B's in the game). And while the Ministry loves a good spoof, we can't help but get a whiff here of Madonna and her hydrangeas. A beef is a beef, but continued beefing smacks of tone deafness.

Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg said it best: Turn off your darn phone


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Alec Baldwin arrives at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 3rd Annual Governors Awards in Hollywood on Nov. 12. Credit: Frederic J. Brown / Agence France-Press / Getty Images