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Michele Bachmann: NBC wouldn't pull that gag on Michelle Obama

November 23, 2011 | 10:44 am

Michele Bachmann and Jimmy Fallon

Michele Bachmann didn't know what hit her on Jimmy Fallon's show, but she loves the guy and accepts his apology for the brouhaha over the tune played to introduce her.

That said, the GOP presidential hopeful would still like an apology from NBC over the bouncy but crass intro song that the drummer of the show's band, the Roots, played when the show taped Monday night — 'cause they wouldn't pull that stuff on Michelle Obama.

"I wasn't aware of it at all," the Republican congresswoman from Minnesota said Wednesday on "America's Newsroom," referring to the snippet of Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch" that ushered Bachmann onto the stage for an interview that aired in the wee hours Tuesday. "I didn't find out until later yesterday and at that point I was traveling and making my way to the presidential debate."

Fallon apologized via Twitter, saying "I'm honored that @michelebachmann was on our show yesterday and I'm so sorry about the intro mess. I really hope she comes back," and adding, "Actually it was a really fun interview. She helped me with my Minnesota accent. (I still sound Irish.)"

Bachmann told Fox News Channel's Bill Hemmer that she was hoping to speak to Fallon on Wednesday. "I don't have anything against Jimmy Fallon, I love him, he’s a kick, it was a great opportunity to be on the show, I’d love to go back again."

She said she had "no doubt," however, that if the song and the first lady had come on stage at the same time, NBC would have apologized and fired or at least suspended the drummer.

"This is clearly a form of bias on the part of the Hollywood entertainment elite, but it’s also I think it’s sexism as well. This wouldn’t be tolerated if this was Michelle Obama; it shouldn't be tolerated if it’s a conservative woman either."

Michelle Obama, meanwhile, faced boos from a NASCAR audience on Sunday — but at least that wasn't sexist.

If you want to hear Bachmann discussing things like fissile material, jihadists and the Atlantic Monthly, watch the whole video — or you can cut to the chase around the 5:30 mark for her comments about the Fallon show.


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Photo: U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), appearing this week on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," points to a photo of the host dressed as Bachmann. Credit: Lloyd Bishop / NBC