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For Justin Bieber, loyal Beliebers may be the best birth control

November 10, 2011 |  2:13 pm

Justin Bieber hugs fans as baby saga continues

Justin Bieber will soon take a paternity test in hopes of proving Mariah's Yeater's baby boy is not his — but before that happens, folks who've toured with him are backing up Bieber's assertion that there's no way he and Yeater could have hooked up privately for backstage sex.

Post show, Bieber is more focused on fleeing his sometimes-overzealous "Belieber" fan base.

"The security is so crazy there, you can't get backstage. And even if you got backstage, first of all, he leaves the show as soon as he's offstage, which is pretty cool," Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship, which opened for the 17-year-old on the My World tour, told MTV News. "He runs offstage, gets in a car and jets, because the whole city turns into chaos."

On the "Today" show last week, Bieber told Matt Lauer that he goes "from the stage right to the car" at the end of each show.

Max George of the Wanted, who toured with Bieber in South America, told a similar tale to the Mirror,

"Justin is like our adopted little brother; that's why I believe all this baby stuff is rubbish," George said. "Any spare time Justin had on tour, he'd joke around — crawling under seats and grabbing girls' ankles. It was hilarious."

This has been a really rough time for the young superstar, 23-year-old George added. "He's had the worst time of his life and handled it so well. Doing the paternity test shows how grown-up he's being about it."

Bieber crisis-management rep Matthew Hiltzik on Monday confirmed it: The "Baby" singer will undergo DNA testing upon his return from a swing through Europe, which included stops at the MTV Europe Music Awards, where he and Selena Gomez held hands in front of the cameras, and the Bambi awards in Germany, where he hugged fans onstage.

Yeater, in the meantime, did an interview this week with "The Insider" -- watch the edited version below -- in which she said she went public now because this is a "very serious" matter than Bieber needed to know about. She fled the room in tears twice during the interview, the show said.

About the paternity test — turns out the folks at "Maury," famed for delivering paternity tests live and on camera, is  "actively pursuing" the opportunity to host the Biebs' test results, a spokesperson for the show told Huffington Post. 

"Maury is trusted by millions of viewers, and if Maury told Justin, 'You are not the father,' everyone would believe it," a former "Maury" exec producer told MTV News.

Hmmm — we're thinking some folks might believe it even without Maury, but maybe that's just us.


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Justin Bieber hugs a fan during the Bambi 2011 media award ceremony in Germany, where he took the prize Thursday for best entertainment. Credit: Michael Probst / Associated Press.