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Charlize Theron was bullied by mean girls in school, she says

November 28, 2011 |  3:47 pm

Charlize Theron says she was bullied

Charlize Theron, who plays one powerful mean queen in "Snow White and the Huntsman," says she was bullied by a pack of mean girls in school.

Theron, currently working the awards circuit for an acclaimed performance in Jason Riteman's "Young Adult," opened up about her days being teased -- days that saw a much less glamorous Charlize walking the halls.

"I wore really nerdy glasses because I was blind as could be and the boys didn't like [me]," Theron said in New York, where "Adult" was recently screened with Dior. "I didn't have any boyfriends, but lots of crushes."

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"I actually got a lot of the mean-girl stuff from the ages of 7 to 12. I was pretty much a mess in primary school," she said. "But I got that out of my system by the time I got to high school and was more immune to all of that stuff."

Considering the Oscar-winning glamazon we've grown accustomed to, we'd say she's more than immune. "Adult" casts Theron as a boozy, vicious writer of teen fiction who returns to her hometown to steal back her high school boyfriend.

At least she's got some character background.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Charlize Theron arrives at "REACH: 24 Portraits" by Randall Slavin, benefitting her Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, in L.A. on Oct. 12. Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images