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What's Tori Spelling's kid doing? And do we need to know?

October 19, 2011 |  4:03 pm

Tori Spelling and her kids Liam and Victoria, before Hattie was born.

This blazing news just in from megalo-mommy Tori Spelling:

"[Liam]'s 1st reaction to mama after new baby ... He immediately looked down at my stomach, saying, 'Mama do you have a hole in your belly now? You look so much prettier without that big belly.'"

Thanks to a tweet linking to the rest of that on her blog, we now know how much prettier mommy looks -- thanks Liam! -- and that, hey, Tori is still out there, doing stuff. Of course the revelations came via a minor who had no choice but to see his remarks distributed to millions, but so? It’s Tori, people! The world needs to know everything that happens to her!

Of course Spelling isn't the only celebrity out there who tweets routinely about what their children are doing in supposedly private settings. Sherri Shepherd recently tweeted an intimate moment between her son and her new husband: "What shall I call you, Stepdaddy? Hmmm, I think I'll call you Daddy." And Brooke Burke-Charvet overshared this tidbit: 
"I drive all the way to school to see my big girls off, first day. And they were too embarrassed to hang! Aaah the joys of motherhood :( ."

If it ever occurred to Burke that embarrassed adolescents might not want that fact broadcast across the planet, thus furthering said embarrassment, she hasn't tweeted about it. It may be the only thing she hasn't tweeted.

The Ministry summoned a family therapist and ran such scenarios past her. Psychologist Jenn Berman didn't have a huge problem with parents tweeting a kid's private comments, but she did take issue with stars blabbing particularly sensitive conversations.

"Where it becomes detrimental is when a Hollywood parent tweets something that the child considered to be private and the parent either doesn't recognize that to be private," Berman said, "or just doesn't honor the boundary."

By way of example, Berman told us a (possibly hypothetical) story of a star whose kid had a crush on another kid in class; the parent then disclosed that to the public.

In those cases, "The child becomes an extension of the star's brand, sold out for the sake of the brand," she said. "I see it enough for it to be a concern that comes up in my practice."

So what happens when Berman gently points out that maybe a celeb should put a rein on what he or she tweets?

Well, here's a bit of good news.

"The reaction is, 'Oh wow, I never thought of it that way,' and they change."


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-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Tori Spelling with Liam and Victoria at an event in August, before third child Hattie was born -- when Mom had a "big belly." Credits: Getty Images