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Kim Delaney delivers incoherent speech; booted from Philly stage

September 23, 2011 |  5:09 pm

Kim Delaney delivers an incoherent speech at an event honoring Robert Gates in Philadelphia

"Army Wives" star Kim Delaney got a dishonorable discharge from a Philadelphia event Thursday after barely delivering part of a bizarre and incoherent speech.

Kim Delaney is escorted off stage after her incoherent speech Delaney showed up at the National Constitution Center to honor former Defense secretary Robert Gates. In a gold mini dress (with a super-classy shoulder tattoo), the actress read what seemed to be some military background of her television character from a prompter. 

Not that Delaney, or any of us, can know for sure -- she barreled through the sentences she could manage to get out. There's video below for those who are curious.

A clip of the train wreck shows a panel beside the "NYPD Blue" alum looking very uncomfortable, but they didn't have to suffer long. Delaney -- who was born and raised in Philly -- was soon escorted off stage by a producer.

What do you make of Delaney's speech debacle? Tell us in comments.



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Photos: Kim Delaney (barely) delivers a speech at the National Constitution Center, top. A producer eventually escorted her off stage, right. Credits: Associated Press