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Kevin Federline, Victoria Prince in brand-new-baby mode

September 29, 2011 | 10:23 am

Kevin Federline has unveiled his latest offspring

Kevin Federline is showing off his new little butterball, and we're not talking about his belly. Federline -- Britney Spears' ex-husband and one prolific papa -- has posed for photos with girlfriend Victoria Prince and their new daughter, Jordan Kay.

The dark-haired little beauty has cheeks to rival those of Federline, who appeared to be plagued by sympathy weight gain when Prince was in the late stages of her pregnancy. Jordan Kay, born Aug. 15, is now just over a month old. Though Federline may still be working on his figure, former pro volleyball player Prince already seems to have rebounded after having her first child.

It's Federline's fifth. This -- in some minds -- might raise the question: What is it about this sometime dancer-rapper-actor-model that makes women want to have his children?

Actress Shar Jackson ("Moesha") has daughter Kori (age 9) and son Kaleb (7) with Federline; the K-Fed offspring with Spears are two sons, Sean (who turned 6 two weeks ago) and Jayden (who turned 5 about two weeks ago). 

Federline's relationship with Spears ended in a notorious fashion, with a nasty custody battle, but things have simmered down since then. In March, Spears and Federline came together at a Little League game, where Dad was one of the coaches for their son Sean's team. And K-Fed ex Jackson has expressed her fond wishes to the new parents, telling People: "I wish them the best, without question."

So, Jordan joins a big, messy brood. She's far from alone, of course. Census stats back it up: The blended family is a growing trend. 

New sorts of households -- blended families; bands of middle-class singles who live and vacation together; families that were once called "broken" -- are increasingly the standard.

Great. Now, back to the important part: If someone could just explain the "Why with Federline?" thing.


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-- Amy Hubbard

Photo: Kevin Federline in 2009. Credit: Shea Walsh / Axe/Associated Press