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Jennifer Aniston steps out with Justin Theroux, stays mum on Pitt

September 27, 2011 |  4:26 pm

Jennifer Aniston has no idea a half-naked lady is taking her picture.

This post has been updated, as indicated below.

Plenty of things to pack into Jennifer Aniston's file on Tuesday: The actress has reached new creative heights, landed herself a new love and ain't touching recent comments made by ex-husband Brad Pitt.

In essence, she's staying classy, evidenced by the subtle show she made in New York City on Monday night for the premiere of "Five," a series of film shorts about breast cancer's effect. Aniston directed one of the vignettes -- her debut behind the camera, in fact.

"Jennifer holds her own, baby!" said Patricia Clarkson, a veteran of directors including Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen who was one of Aniston's actors in the Lifetime TV project.

While Jen was holding her own, beau Justin Theroux was waiting to hold the door. At Skylight Soho, the couple arrived and departed together, hand-in-hand, according to People.

Though the duo posed for some fan photos, Aniston had no intention of broaching comments recently made by her ex-husband. (Pitt, who intimated to Parade that the two had shared an uninteresting marriage, later retracted the comments as being taken completely out of context.)

"Oh, Lord, it's not even worth discussing on a night like this," she reportedly said on the red carpet. 

Alicia Keys and Demi Moore are also counted as directors on "Five," to air Oct. 10 on Lifetime.

[Updated, 4:20 p.m. Sept. 28: Holy cows, there was a naked paparazzo of some sort in the picture that originally accompanied this post. The Ministry is embarrassed that we didn't notice -- you know how we are about the naughty bits -- and currently procuring an appropriate replacement photo. Thanks to Twitterverse for pointing it out!]

[Updated, 4:45 p.m. Sept. 28: Phew. That's the same photo up above now, only with less, um, background action.]

[Updated 5:08 p.m. Sept. 28: But wait, there's more! Turns out some folks on the red carpet at the event -- which was the premiere of a short-film collection about breast cancer -- were aware they'd been flashed on the red carpet by a woman Page Six identified as topless paparazzo Holly Van Voast. "I think it's actually pretty great ...," actress Clarkson said. "You know, I'm kind of sad I put on a dress."]


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Oh, Jennifer Aniston -- if you only knew what was lurking behind you in the crowd as you arrived at the premiere of Lifetime's "Five" at Skylight Soho on Sept. 26. Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images