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Anderson Cooper and Snooki go on a spray-tan date [Video]

September 14, 2011 |  4:20 pm

Snooki, Anderson Cooper's wax double, and Anderson Cooper. We think.

For Anderson Cooper and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, a little spray tanning goes a long way in the healing department.

Though Cooper ripped the tiny tinted reality star in April for being a no-talent, overpaid hack, it seems the tides have turned with the advent of his softer, sweeter daytime talk show, "Anderson."

So much so that Cooper simultaneously got quality time with the Snookster and a decent chance to show off his rockin' (albeit white) guns and torso.

"Oh my God, you're pale!" Snooki screamed upon greeting Anderson at New York's Beach Bum tanning. It didn't take long for the broadcast journalist to peel off his top, inspiring further Polizzi cries along the lines of, "I had no idea that Mr. Anderson had muscles! When he took off his shirt he had huge, like, peanut muscles."

Those peanuts would be Mr. Cooper's biceps, which thanks to the magic of tanning serum get some definition in the video below. We're thrilled to know these two can work out their differences. That, or Anderson is hiding a longtime addiction to the spray.



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-- Matt Donnelly

Left photo: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Credit: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Right photo: One of these people is Anderson Cooper. One of these people is made of wax. Have a fab time figuring it out from there. Credit: Lucas Jackson / Reuters