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Megyn Kelly: New hair, no sympathy for a maternity-leave skeptic

August 8, 2011 |  4:06 pm

Megyn Kelly back on the air after maternity leave

Megyn Kelly returned from maternity leave Monday with baby pictures, a new hairstyle and a hard time to give one talk-radio host about — you guessed it — maternity leave.

The "America Live" anchor also did the news, but given what that entailed Monday, let's just stick with the hair and baby angles.

The hair? Cute. The baby? Cute. Talk-radio host Mike Gallagher's recent comment that Megyn's three months of maternity leave was "a racket"? Not so cute — which Kelly, whose daughter Yardley Evans was born April 14, was happy to shine a light on. 

"Megyn's still on maternity leave, right? Boy ... what a racket that is," Gallagher had told Fox's Chris Wallace in May. "I mean, men don't get to bond. ... How much time does she get off?"

Three months, Wallace said , provoking the reply, "It's unbelievable ... do you think you'd get three months off? How much time did you get off when your kids where born?"

Wallace apparently had found a week off to be more than enough new-dad bonding time — while Gallagher apparently hoped the new mom would be so cut off from co-workers and the Internet that she'd never hear a peep about his blurt.

No such luck: Reporters who Kelly spoke to during her leave told her all about it. 

"What is it about getting pregnant and carrying a baby nine months," the smiling second-time mom said Monday, "that you don't think deserves a few months off, so bonding and recovery can take place? Hm?" And by the way, she said, did he know that the U.S. is the only "advanced" nation that doesn't mandate paid maternity leave?

A sheepish Gallagher chose to stick with his earlier explanation: "I was drinking that day."

Skip to the 3:30 mark to get past the ugly news of the day and go directly to Kelly tossing Gallagher into the diaper pail. The hair? Weigh in, in comments.


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo:  A screen grab of "America Live." Courtesy of FOX.