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Joe Manganiello to join ridiculously hot cast of 'Magic Mike'

August 18, 2011 |  8:19 pm


Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum. The Jeopardy answer: What is the Ministry's idea of Christmas morning? 

That list of easy-on-the-eyes actors is the nearly confirmed cast of "Magic Mike," a romp through the lives of male strippers based on Tatum's real-life experiences as a young exotic dancer.

Manganiello, a favorite werewolf on "True Blood," comes as the latest and apparently largest addition, according to EW. He's reportedly been cast as Big Dick Richie, a dancer of enormous talent, alongside Pettyfer's booty-shaking newbie, Tatum's seasoned pro, supporting dancer Bomer and club owner McConaughey. 

Stephen Soderbergh is directing the flick, set to open in September 2012. And one of the largest questions looming about the project -- after why can't it just open today -- is, how much of the man-goodies will be on display?

Turns out, full-frontal might not be off the table. Soderbergh "isn't afraid of going there," a well-placed source tells the Awful Truth. 

And to steal the Truth's sentiment wholeheartedly: If ever there were a time for 3D filmmaking, let it be now.


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Photos: Manganiello, Pettyfer, Bomer, McConaughey and Tatum, from left. Credits, from left: Getty Images; Los Angeles Times; USA Network; Getty Images; Screen Gems.