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Kathy Griffin channels Jim Carrey in love video to Justin Bieber [Poll]

August 26, 2011 |  3:04 pm

Kathy Griffin and Jim Carrey

Inspired by Jim Carrey's recent Emma Stone homage -- after being spurred on by a Twitter follower -- Kathy Griffin has issued her own love-letter video ... to Justin Bieber.

"What/whom do YOU wanna hear me GO OFF on?," Griffin said Thursday on Twitter by way of soliciting fodder for her Saturday stand-up show being taped for Bravo. "I just feel like making this my angriest one:)"

User @AlexAnthonyG answered, suggesting she "make fun of how Jim Carry wrote a creepy love letter to Emma Stone and putting it on the internet." And voilĂ , like that, it was done -- and clearly an improv rush job, with Griffin's note cards easy to spot reflected in the shiny background. 

Carrey's video, a planned comedic bit to launch his new video site, unnerved those who'd missed the "it's a joke" part of the joke. Griffin's, however, was clearly intended as comedy. As was her "Levi Johnston is my boyfriend" phase. We hope.

So given that both videos are on the record as "comedic," we have to know: Which is funnier, and which one makes you more uncomfortable?  See Griffin's, below, and watch Carrey's here (we'd send you straight to his site, but it keeps crashing). We have our own opinion, but ... the polls are below. Go nuts.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Jim Carrey and Kathy Griffin. Credits: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press, left; Matthew Peyton / Getty Images, right.