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'Green Lantern' premiere: Ryan Reynolds is lively, Blake Lively is late [Video]

June 16, 2011 |  8:57 am

Ryan Reynolds at the "Green Lantern" premiere

Ryan Reynolds may be the star of "Green Lantern," but it was Blake Lively who seemed to be the center of attention at the film's premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday evening.

Reynolds, who plays Hal Jordan in the film, arrived to the event in a timely fashion, stopping to speak individually to every one of the roughly 40 press outlets camped out on the carpet.

"All of these people out here, it's fantastic," he said, glancing at the horde of eager fans populating Hollywood Boulevard. "I'm always excited [when my movies open]. You're always excited to show your work.

While Reynolds continued to make his way down the media line, Lively was nowhere to be seen. Publicists explained she was stuck in "Hollywood Bowl traffic."

Photo-gallery  Sure enough, she showed up five minutes before the movie was supposed to premiere, dressed in a jaw-dropper of a Chanel number that seemed to turn just about everyone's head. She had about 20 of her family members in tow, and even conducted a few interviews with some of her young relatives flanking her.

But because she was late, she had to rush relatively quickly into Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Studio representatives promised she'd return immediately after the movie was introduced -- which she did about 20 minutes later, granting cheery-but-brief interviews to grouped bunches of media outlets.

That meant we didn't get to throw any questions her way, though we did get to listen to her enthusiastically explain what she believes makes "Green Lantern" different from all of the other comic book films out there this summer.

"I think the "Green Lantern" is unique because the emphasis is that he's a man, not that he's super, you know?" she said, smiling.

"He inherits this incredible amount of responsibility, but, he's like, 'Eh, I'm not really sure I want it. You can give that to someone else.' ... So it's pretty honest in such a fantastical world. It's nice to have these characters that are very human at the heart of it."

"Green Lantern" opens Friday.


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Top photo: Ryan Reynolds greets fans at the "Green Lantern" premiere in Hollywood on Thursday. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

Left photo: A late Blake Lively, center, shows up at Grauman's with an entourage of family members. Credit: Robyn Beck / Agence France Presse / Getty Images