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Michaele Salahi sings 'Bump It' on purpose, sexy-poses in a white bikini. No, really.

June 27, 2011 | 12:02 pm


Michaele Salahi, late of "The Real Housewives of D.C." and infamous for the White House state dinner she swears she and her husband didn't crash, has a club single out that just might make you feel bad for ever trashing Rebecca Black. And then there's the bikini-on-the-beach sexy-picture.


The 43-year-old Salahi put a cherry on her melted sundae of a life by posing on the beach in a white bikini for what we can only describe as -- OK, we can't describe it. Let's just say, when Kate Gosselin is looking hotter than you are, it's time to grab a caftan. The former Kate Middleton in a white bikini? Good. Actress Kristin Stewart in a white bikini? Not so bad. A woman who was kicked off "Celebrity Rehab" attempting to be sexy in a white bikini? Some things you can't unsee. There are very good reasons why the Ministry shouldn't pose in a white bikini either -- but we do know of what we speak.

(We pause now to cleanse the visual palate with a shot of Kim Kardashian in a white bikini. You're welcome.)

But back to Salahi's performance of "Bump It" on Friday on a local Miami morning news show. (Watch it below, if you dare. If the video doesn't load, try this.) Too bad Team Black took the "Friday" video down from YouTube, or we'd confidently offer a link to that train wreck as a palate cleanser as well.

Salahi was inspired to record her club track, available on iTunes since May, when Oprah Winfrey complimented her voice while the two were supposedly backstage together during President Obama's inauguration, the blond's rep told Radar Online.

"I titled the song 'Bump It' because I love dancing and bumping it on the dance floor!" Salahi told the website May 10. "I got so caught up with the rhythm, that my music just feels like a magical prism."

Incidentally, a multiple sclerosis patient who's treating symptoms of the illness with one of the injectable drugs known affectionately as the "CRABs" -- Copaxone, Rebif, Avonex and Betaseron -- would have at least some bruising on the thighs, abdomen, backside or upper arms.

Glancing at the parts Salahi shows off in the TV performance and bikini photo, it would appear that the woman who tearfully revealed a longtime MS diagnosis in September isn't going that route.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Michaele Salahi -- thankfully not in a white bikini or a minidress -- meets President Obama at the White House in November 2009 while husband Tareq Salahi, right, looks on. Credit: Samantha Appleton / White House