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Justin Bieber fires back at Marg Helgenberger for 'brat' comment; smooches Selena Gomez

May 9, 2011 |  5:14 pm

Marg Helgenberger and Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
has yet to make a Belieber out of Marg Helgenberger, the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" actress who said the Biebs was a "brat" when he guest starred on the CBS show.

Helgenberger, who plays investigator Catherine Willows on the series, recently dished to the radio station Europe 1 when she was asked how it was to work with the pop star.

"I shouldn't be saying this, but he was kind of a brat," Helgenberger said. "He was very nice to me. But he locked one of the producers in a closet, and he put his fist through a cake that was on the cast's table."

OK, diva much?

Bieber appeared on two episodes of "CSI," playing bad boy Jason McCann. Maybe he was just getting into character? When asked if she thought he was a good actor, Helgenberger gave a safer answer.

"Justin Bieber wasn't bad. But he'd never acted before.... He's better than you'd think," she said.

But the "Never Say Never 3D" star seems to think he was better than that.

"it's kinda lame when someone you met briefly and never worked with comments on you. I will continue to wish them luck and be kind," he tweeted Monday, adding "dont spread gossip and dont spread rumors about a kid and i know that. #respect"

But he didn't stop there.

"I know who i am and sometimes people r just going 2 say what they want. Keep ur head up and be the man ur mama raised. #killemwithkindness," he wrote, which, yet again, led to the hashtag becoming a top trend on the micro-blogging site.

In other Bieber news...

-- He and girlfriend Selena Gomez were caught smooching in front of cameras in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was documented in a recent fan-shot video that recently surfaced. Watch it in slow-motion below.

-- The Biebs will be appearing in a PSA about cyberbullying in order to resolve criminal charges filed against his manager Scott Braun and Def Jam Records executive James Roppo after a cancellation of his appearance resulted in a frenzy at a Long Island, N.Y., mall in 2009. Prosecutors on Friday said they would drop the charges against both men.

-- The same Scott Braun has recently reprimanded Bieber's tour crew after they pretty much declared a mutiny over their appearance in Japan. His crew was reportedly afraid of cancer risks from the radiation leaking from the country's nuclear reactors and another earthquake/tsunami rocking the island nation during their scheduled time there. 

Slash and Avril Lavigne have also canceled tour dates in Japan, but the Biebs has insisted on taking his "My World Tour" to the tsunami-ravaged country anyway.

-- Last Thursday, Australian officials charged a 17-year-old boy for breaking into Bieber's Sydney concert at Acer Arena and throwing eggs at the teen idol. The boy, who wouldn't be named because he is a minor, was charged with breaking and entering, trespassing and malicious damage for throwing several small eggs onto the stage. The eggs barely missed Bieber and his backup singers, who continued to perform despite the barrage of yolks. The teen was released on bail and is scheduled to enter a plea next month.


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— Nardine Saad

Top photo: Left, Marg Helgenberger. Credit: Jemal Countess / Getty Images. Right, Justin Bieber. Credit: Joerg Koch / EPA.

Reuters and the Associated Press contributed to this report.