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Prince William gets a taste of media cattiness ahead of wedding

March 31, 2011 |  2:25 pm

Prince William

About all that outrage we vented over Kate Middleton’s treatment in the press: We take it back. Sort of. Kind of. For it appears that Middleton is not the sole member of the soon-to-be-royal couple taking unfair heat in the media. The flak Prince William is taking isn’t over his weight -- though, come on, let’s be fair, his cheeks do look a bit chub. No, the sniping is over Will’s pate, and the growing bald spot sitting on top.

Per the Associated Press: “Prince William’s hairline is fading fast.” (Insert your own schadenfreude snickering here.)

“Casual observers who have not paid much attention to Britain's future king in the years before his recent engagement to Kate Middleton have been surprised by the extent of the 28-year-old's hair loss,” the news organization snipes. “William still cuts a tall, imposing figure, but his bald spot has been spreading as his hairline recedes. It's even more apparent since his 26-year-old brother Prince Harry still sports a luxuriant supply of tousled red hair.”

(Way to attempt an US Weekly-style feud, there, AP. But really: Stick to DC-based navel gazing and leave the serious cattiness to the tabs.)

As for the rest of the Fourth Estate, there are about 895 recent articles mentioning Will’s hairline. Methinks there might be a Royal Office of the Rogaine Purveyor before long.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Prince William has a bald spot? Fiancee Kate Middleton doesn't seem to notice. Credit: Peter Morrison/Associated Press