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Just where does 4-year-old Suri Cruise's stylist find trendy pacifiers?

March 7, 2011 |  5:13 pm

Suri Cruise uses trendy pacifiers A new photo emerged this week of Suri Cruise, and, before you ask, yes, she was dressed better than you. The takeaway of the photo is this: Suri, apparently, likes to suck on a pacifier while surrounded by paparazzi. The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is also nearly 5. Those colliding facts sent bloggers into two equally obnoxious spirals: the breathless baby fetishist what-does-this-mean-for-the-future ballyhoo and the bemused mock-fashion-police analysis.

"Suri Accessorizes Lipstick With Pacifier at 4!" one headline shrieked.

"Her clothes have earned her a reputation as a little fashionista," Us Weekly snarked, "but Suri Cruise's latest accessory seems a few seasons old."

Day-care dreckitude, indeed.

Anyway, we called around to parenting experts to see if we should be crafting our own hysterical blog about this issue. The answer? Sorta. I guess.

"Most parents of 5-year-olds would be embarrassed to have their child seen in public sucking a pacifier because of well-known health and dental health concerns," says Julie Hanks of Wasatch Family Therapy. "Either Katie isn't aware or she doesn't care what people think."

Hanks did note that binkies do tend to emerge in young children during times of stress. And, while, yes, age 4 may be too old for a pacifier, being shutterbugged by a stranger probably isn't the most relaxing way for a pre-kindergartner to spend an afternoon.


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— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: A collection of pacifiers, none of them likely to be in the possession of the Cruise household. Credit: Los Angeles Times