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Presidents Day: Celebrating Monica Lewinsky, Judith Exner and other man-made celebs

February 21, 2011 |  5:54 pm

Monica lewinsky

Presidents Day, which honors the births of Washington and Lincoln, seems to be commemorated now with a day off work for some and a light commute for the rest of us -- plus, of course, sales on furniture and cars. But isn't there something more dignified to it all?

Presidents Day celebrities We should, in theory, spend some time thinking about what our presidents have done to give us the country we have today, right? And yes, we thought about it. And then we decided that we were less interested in presidential achievements than we were in regular folks who achieved fame, or infamy, thanks to an association with a leader of the free world.

In that spirit, the Ministry has compiled a Presidents Day photo gallery of average Joes -- or, more often, average Janes -- whose names we know thanks to high-level improprieties. Click the photo of CIA agent Valerie Plame, right (whose relationship, admittedly, was more with the White House in general than with a president in particular) and take a trip down memory lane with the likes of Monica Lewinsky, Judith Exner, Sally Hemings and more.


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-- Whitney Friedlander

Photos: (Top) Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton. (Right) Valerie Plame. Credits: Associated Press