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Rex Ryan, Michelle Ryan and those foot-fetish videos: a holiday small-talk primer

December 23, 2010 | 12:04 pm

Rex Ryan foot fetish Michelle Ryan Rex Ryan and those videos allegedly of his wife Michelle Ryan's feet -- it's a story few Christmas gatherings will be able to avoid. The New York Jets coach wouldn't normally be on the Ministry's radar, but seriously, once "The View" gets involved, with the ladies going barefoot during a foot-fetish discussion like they did Thursday, we're all over it.

The Rex Ryan foot story comes from Deadspin (home of the Brett Favre penis-picture saga) and involves "mature" foot fetish videos posted under the username "ihaveprettyfeet" and featuring a woman who resembles Michelle Ryan. One video, shown on "The View" clip embedded below, is narrated by a man whose voice resembles that of the popular NFL coach.

Tipped by a reader who frequents a foot-appreciating discussion board, Deadspin followed the ihaveprettyfeet trail from YouTube onward, noting coincidences between profile information and the Ryans' personal details. Dare we say, the site even tiptoed into the online foot-fetishist dating world, which until now the Ministry didn't even bother to imagine was a real thing.

Saying that he understood he was going to be asked the question six ways from Sunday, Ryan wouldn't say much to reporters Wednesday.  "This is a personal matter ... ," he said repeatedly, looking rather pained. "I really don't want to discuss it." (See that video below also.)

Asked about Michelle, he said, "My wife's beautiful ... been married for 23 years, and she's awesome." Michelle Ryan was among NFL wives who recently modeled for a line of league clothing aimed at women 29 to 40.

Interestingly, the "foot fetish" concept appears to be more accurately referred to not as "fetishism" but as "partialism," in which a person is aroused by a specific body part. 

"Fetishes are more normal than we'd often like to think, and everyone has their unique turn-ons and turn-offs," sex therapist Ian Kerner told ABC News.

And as Elizabeth Hasselbeck said, "I'll take a foot fetish with a man and his wife over a foot fetish with a man and his mistress any day. I don't care what they do. You go with it with your marriage and have a good time."

Any former Jets listening out there? While you're prepping that holiday small talk, you might want to read up a bit about Brett Favre's exploits as well.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Michelle and Rex Ryan at the Jan. 21, 2009, news conference introducing him as the new coach of the New York Jets. Credit: Mike Derer / Associated Press