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Michelle Williams has yet to find meaning in Heath Ledger's death

December 23, 2010 | 12:35 pm

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger Michelle Williams has quite the heavy movie on her hands with "Blue Valentine," but she went into even deeper emotional territory in a recent interview to promote the romance flick.

Williams chatted with Cynthia McFadden about the death of Heath Ledger and her search for meaning in the loss, on Tuesday's "Nightline."

"In a strange way, I miss that year because all of those possibilities that existed then are gone," Williams said of 2008, when Ledger's prescription-drug overdose shocked the world. "It didn't seem unlikely to me that he could walk through a door or could appear from behind a bush."

"In some ways I'm sad to be moving further and further away from that."

Williams and Ledger's relationship was solid through the birth of their daughter, Matilda, in 2005, but took a downturn leading to separation in 2007. After Ledger's death, Williams turned to Joan Didion's book "The Year of Magical Thinking" to cope.

McFadden pressed the actress to see if she'd found meaning in Ledger's death.

"I found meanings around the circumstances but the actual event itself ... can't find a meaning for it," Williams said.

Watch the full clip below, then sound off in comments. "Blue Valentine" opens Wednesday.


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-- Matt Donnelly 

Photo: Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger at an NBA game in Los Angeles on March 6, 2006. Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters