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Election results: Celebrity tweets on voting

November 2, 2010 |  6:20 pm

Celebrity on Twitter for Election Day

On Election Day, the great democratic voice that is Twitter spoke up and requested that you head to the polls. Yeah, whatever. We're a gossip blog and we only do what the celebrities tell us to do. Here are some reasons to vote, provided by the folks with those pretty blue "Verified Account" logos: 

We have a man and a woman running against each other for California governor. So, naturally, vote to address gender issues:

If you don't vote you're a [insert the short form of "Richard"]. @RainnWilson

If you don't exercise your right to vote, you're a [insert name for feminine hygene product also associated with cocky talent agents] @Alyssa_Milano

Vote for financial security:

I refuse to go back to the days when credit card companies could jack up your rates without reason. #VoteToday... @Common

Or because the grass is always greener:

Tomorrow you have to please get out & VOTE California YES on Prop 19. Bitches! Set your private parts on fiiiiyaaaaa! Decriminalise Weed!@Danny_DeVito

Vote to accentuate your wardrobe:

I filled out my absentee ballot -wish I got the "I voted" sticker. Post pix of yours so I can live vicariously through u #govote @jessicaalba

Or just to change history:

Today is the day to vote for the midterm election. These elections are just as important as the Presidential elections! GO VOTE!!!!@KimKardashian

To my fellow Americans, don't forget to vote tomorrow! It's not that often that we get a chance to make such a collective impact. One Love! @IAMQUEENLATIFAH

Or vote just to hop on a trending topic:

RT THIS!!!! TXT Bow to 79922 to Vote for @Bowwow @chrisbrown "Aint Thinkin About You" Video on the Count down.Lets Make it #1 @106andpark @BowWow

Aw. he even has a running mate.

Who do you think got the message across the best? Share in the comments.

-- Whitney Friedlander

Photos: Alyssa Milano, left, Common and Kim Kardashian. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times, left; Jennifer S. Altman / For The Times, center; Donna Ward / Getty Images, right

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