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Miley Cyrus versus Olivia Newton-John: Who's the more believable video faux ho?

October 12, 2010 |  6:35 am

Oh my. Miley Cyrus' new video -- not the lap-dance one, though you can see that here -- almost goaded the Ministry into scanning and uploading that Instamatic shot from back in the day, when we tarted ourselves up in ridiculous shorts, a tight top and Mom's high heels and posed like what we thought a tramp would pose like in the living room in broad daylight to immortalize how bad that bright red lipstick really looked with that perm.

Almost. But dignity prevailed. Plus our mom would kill us. Even though she took the picture. But you didn't hear us say that.

Instead, we present Miss Cyrus in "Who Owns My Heart" versus Olivia Newton-John in "You're the One That I Want" -- a smackdown video battle of good girls pretending to be bad girls, relying heavily on suspension of disbelief from the audience to deliver the goods.

Watch the videos, then vote, then cleanse your palate after the break with Stockard Channing delivering a little perspective as bad girl Rizzo in that same little Newton-John flick, "Grease," a movie made about 15 years before Miley was, you know, born and stuff.

Pretty cool.



-- Christie D'Zurilla