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PREACH IT! Team Lohan: No probation, no jail, no problem

October 13, 2010 |  5:08 pm


Lindsay Lohan’s legal team is working hard to get the actress off of probation -- not because her probation is unfair, but because Lohan is likely to violate it again. And, you know, end up in jail.

"The longer Lindsay stays on probation, the increased chances that she will get in trouble because of problems staying compliant with the terms of her probation," a source with knowledge of the situation told Radar.

So, in other words, if she isn't on probation, she can't possibly violate it next time she gets busted. Hollywood logic, see.

Of course, Team Lohan plans to use savvier language when they make their arguments in court later this month -- probably some variation of she's-been-languishing-in-rehab-and-only-escaped-once-something-something-something.

That hearing is currently slated for Oct. 22.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo credit: L.A. County Sheriff's Department / AFP / Getty Images

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