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Report: Like a good ex-boyfriend, Mel Gibson returns Oksana's CDs (and her music rights) [poll]

September 17, 2010 |  2:13 pm


If you love something, set it free — but if you don't love it so much anymore, perhaps just have it trucked over to your ex's house and dumped.

Sources have told TMZ that Mel Gibson had "boxes and boxes" of unsold Oksana Grigorieva CDs shipped to her place and that he signed papers in August giving up his executive producer rights to her music. You'll remember Gibson sunk a bit of effort into his ex-girlfriend's career, including directing a couple of music videos (like the one embedded above, in case you missed it last year).

To the Ministry, this sounds like a classic "my therapist suggested this might make me feel better" move. Plus, seriously, who hasn't returned a few CDs to a former sweetie?


— Christie D'Zurilla

 Click and scroll down to relive the whole Mel Gibson breakup saga, if you dare.