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Backstage with Jason Derulo, Leighton Meester at the Teen Choice Awards [video] [updated]

August 9, 2010 |  3:17 pm

It wasn't exactly packed backstage at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, but a few winners did fight the urge to jump immediately into those black limos and chauffeured Escalades and hit the road. "Gossip Girl" actress Leighton Meester, soccer star David Beckham and singer Jason Derulo were some of the few who opted instead to pose next to their surfboard trophies and talk to the media.

"The energy from the fans was incredible," said Derulo, who had just finished a performance of his hit single "In My Head."

Kevin McHale at the Teen Choice Awards "The teens is like, my demographic, so it's always awesome."

Derulo, evidently, is keenly aware of his demographic. When asked what he'd do to celebrate his wins, he offered up this age-appropriate answer:

"I'm gonna have some apple cider and just kind of chill and relax," the 20-year-old said. "I already felt like a winner before I came here, so it's just like the cherry on the pie."

Other winners had less glamorous post-award-show plans. "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester -- who was voted best actress -- was headed straight to the airport to fly back to New York, where her CW show is currently filming. (Keep reading -- there's more video after the break.)

Meester is constantly rumored to be feuding on the set with costar Blake Lively -- speculation that's unwarranted, she says.

"We all have amazing chemistry, and we're like a family now, so. It's all good in the hood."

If the cast is all so close, one reporter wondered, which costar might Meester date?

"To date? No, no, no," she laughed, shrugging off the question. An interesting response, considering she's often been linked to costar Sebastian Stan, who plays the evil Carter Baizen.

Meanwhile, "Gossip Girl" recently completed shooting some episodes for the upcoming fourth season in Paris, where Meester said they shut down the Musee d'Orsay for production. She also got to wear some fantastic fashion abroad.

"In Paris, we had the most beautiful stuff I think we've had," she smiled. "Really, really good designers. One-of-a kind stuff. I think, clothes aside, probably my favorite was this Harry Winston pink Sri Lankan sapphire necklace. It was pretty intense. There were guards. It was cool."

-- Amy Kaufman

[For the record, 5:36 p.m.: An earlier version of this post referred to the upcoming third season of "Gossip Girl"; the series is in fact going into its fourth season. Thanks to commenter Frankie for the catch.]

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