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PREACH IT! Lindsay Lohan: Lowballed at $1 million? [poll]

August 18, 2010 |  2:35 pm


Lindsay Lohan may have one gig lined up for after she gets out of rehab, but her long-term job potential is looking distinctly limp. Producers aren’t exactly lining up to hire her; fashion houses don’t seem to have much interest in lucrative endorsement gigs either.

Hunh. Go figure.

Still, Lohan, being Lohan, will likely not face poverty. According to a bit posted Wednesday morning in the Hollywood Reporter, OK! magazine is offering the actress a cool $1 million for her first post-pokey interview.

Much sanctimonious outrage is likely to ensue. That outrage will likely go in the wrong direction.

History indicates that, if anything, Lohan may be getting underpaid. After all, when a teenage ...

... Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a daughter two years ago -- which is, like, a decade in Intertubes years -- OK! reportedly paid the same amount for "exclusive pictures" of her baby, which, of course, came with an interview.

A million bucks was also the reported payment shelled out to Monica Lewinsky when she spoke to Britain’s Channel 4 -- years ago. And when Paris Hilton went to jail in 2007, she reportedly was offered $1 million for her story before the deal fell through and she appeared on "Larry King Live," apparently for free.

Might Lohan merit at least a cost-of-living increase? Tanning services aren’t cheap.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Left photo: Paris Hilton on "Larry King Live" in June 2007. Credit: Kyle Christy / CNN / Associated Press

Center photo: Lindsay Lohan's July 20 booking photo. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Right photo: Monica Lewinsky on "Larry King Live" in January 2000. Credit: Rose M. Prouser / CNN / Associated Press

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