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Jane Lynch blends in, Kellan Lutz goes to the dogs at VH1's Do Something Awards

July 20, 2010 |  2:57 pm


What's better than Jane Lynch?

A zillion Jane Lynches.

VH1's Do Something Awards for people committed to social change was like a dream for Lynch lovers. The show, broadcast live Monday from Hollywood's Palladium, opened with the "Glee" star surrounded by clones, kind of like the Robert Palmer girls — but instead of puffy red lips and minis, they were wearing black tracksuits and particularly wiggy blond wigs. Indeed, there were Janes as far as the eye Kellan Lutz at the VH1 Do Something Awards could see, enough, in the original's words, to make "my narcissistic dreams come true."

Except for one rebel.

"That's Jennifer Saurenman," Jennifer Saurenman whispered as she walked by the Ministry (we were outed by our notebook) in full Jane Lynch drag.

OK, so there were a zillion Janes and at least one Jennifer acting the part of Jane. Not to mention a bunch of stars who came to present (Paula Abdul, Megan Fox, Demi Lovato) or accept (Snoop Dogg, Do Something for the Kids; Joe Jonas on behalf of the brothers, Do Something Music Artist; Christina Applegate, Do Something Kick Ass for Survival) or both (Kathy Griffin, Do Something Comedian).

The Ministry's favorite celeb of the evening was "Twilight" hottie Kellan Lutz, who picked the Do Something for Animals Award. Griffin presented the award — a golden sneaker with Mercury-like wings — inside a pen of barking dogs that suddenly materialized onstage. Noting his "incredibly awesome ... 

Kara DioGuard and Randy Jackson arrive at the VH1 Do Something Awards ... and totally ripped body of work promoting animal rights," Griffin lauded his ad campaign, produced with PETA, urging people to adopt animals rather than buy them.

It turns out that before they were screaming their brains out for his hunkiness, young women wouldn't even talk to him. Neither would guys. So what eased his pain? Furry and piggy faces.

"I used to think I was Dr. Doolittle, or Kellan Doolittle," he said, looking particularly Lutzy in a cool beige suit. "I used to think I could talk to the animals because … my older brothers would pick on me and I had no friends because we moved around a lot.

"So I would hang out with the pigs in the pig pen. I would hang out with the miniature pony. I would hang out with the dogs, the golden retrievers on the farm, which I loved, and the stray cats."

Hey, ladies, you had your chance.

(Click on the picture of Lutz, above right, to see what went on in The Times' Photo Booth at the awards, or on the shot of Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson, above left, for more pictures from the red carpet.)

— Irene Lacher

Photos: Jane Lynch, top, onstage with a few friends at the 2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards on Monday in Hollywood. Kellan Lutz, right, had a few friends with him as well. Credits: Michael Caulfield / Getty Images for VH1, top; Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times, right;  Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for VH1, left

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