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PREACH IT! January Jones swims in the sea! Sorry, it's all the 'Mad Men'-related news we've got

June 8, 2010 |  3:26 pm

Fact: "Mad Men" and "True Blood" are both serious, incurable addictions that must be fed at all hours, or fans like us will go into toxic shock. Case in point: that Alexander Skarsgard cover story our magazine ran a few months back. The show was on hiatus when that cover interview ran, due to return in just a couple of months. But fans fell all over those photos like a pack of hopped up black tar junkies, as if it were the last time they'd ever again get to sink their fangs into Skarsgard before they all reported for detox.

That’s addiction for you.

Which brings us to why we're posting this video, above, of January Jones swimming in the sea. It's not Betty Draper swimming in the sea, which would be all kinds of awesome and a serious coup for the show's costume department, but at least it's an actor from "Mad Men."

For the record, Jones did the dive in Belize as part of a partnership between La Mer and Oceana's World Oceans Day 2010 campaign. Until the show returns next month, this will do. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that it's all for a good cause.

-- Leslie Gornstein

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