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PREACH IT! Lindsay Lohan still has star power -- on Twitter, at least

June 23, 2010 |  2:44 pm
Lindsay-lohan People who think Lindsay Lohan’s star power has waned need to check their Twitter accounts.

Per Gawker, Lilo recently scored $10,000 to hype, via Twitter, a discount fashion company called Beyond the Rack. Unlike Lohan’s movie career, which is looking a little bleak beyond her planned Linda Lovelace biopic, this news is actually very impressive. Why? Because, in the world of celebrity-fueled adver-tweets, LiLo is commanding top dollar.

That’s right. Top dollar.

Earlier this year I spoke to a company that does nothing but match tweeters (famous and otherwise) with ad partners. The company told me that the highest-paid celebrity tweeters o’ the moment were Kim Kardashian and Soulja Boy, both of whom commanded about -- yes -- $10,000 per tweet.

The average celebrity tweeter, meanwhile, may command closer to four figures per paid tweet. And in the future, celebrity tweeters may get paid more -- $20,000 per missive, even, if it were someone really big. (I asked the company how much someone like me might get paid to tweet. I won’t embarrass myself by giving away the figure, but suffice it to say: It wouldn’t cover a decent dinner for two in Los Angeles.)

So, although there is plenty to say about Lohan’s sad state -- look no further than that alcohol monitoring bracelet, for one -- she’s still famous enough to be queen of the tweeters.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Would you shop where she says she shops? Lindsay Lohan on the job at a sponsored women's fitness retreat June 11 in Beverly Hills. Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images for Muscle Milk

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