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'Deadliest Catch' episode reveals captain Phil and Jake Harris fighting over stolen pain pills

June 16, 2010 | 10:35 am

Harris-bros-web Everything looks different in hindsight -- especially things such as an emotional conflict between Phil Harris and his son Jake Harris on "Deadliest Catch," a father-son fight made more painful and poignant by the knowledge that soon after, the Cornelia Marie captain would suffer the stroke that eventually took his life.

In the episode that aired Tuesday night, the captain catches Jake dipping into prescription pain pills. This does not go over well.

"I want you out of my life," Phil Harris says angrily as he returns to his captain's chair, a pleading Jake at his side. "You're out of my life."

The expletive-filled tirade, a Capt. Phil specialty over the years, continues.

"When we get home, you're gonna go your way and I'm going mine. I don't ever want to see you again. ... You're a ... thief and a liar, and right now if you open your mouth up one more time, I'm gonna turn around and hit you so ... hard and knock yourself silly. I"ll break every one of those ... teeth I paid for."

Harsh, perhaps? To those unfamiliar with the show, maybe. But remember, this is the same father who spoke warmly of Jack Harris in an episode that aired in May: "He acts like a ...

Jake-harris-web ... moron sometimes, but he's got his [act] together too. I have a lot of respect for him. Everything he knows he learned from me.

"It makes me feel good," Phil Harris said. "The kid learned the right way."

Watch the "Deadliest Catch" scenes here, then watch the KOMO news video above to hear Josh Harris, his brother Jake and others pour their hearts out about about Capt. Phil at an April 30 public memorial at Pier 91 in Seattle.

Phil Harris asked that the "Deadliest Catch" cameras keep running after his stroke, and his death will be handled in future episodes. ( has the upcoming episode details.) Since his father's Feb. 9 death, Jake Harris has had a run-in with the law that resulted in a bench warrant being issued for his arrest after he missed a court date. He quickly apologized to the court and rescheduled.

 "Jake'll be fine. Josh needs a couple more years, and he'll be fine," Phil Harris said in the May 10 episode.

"Me and those two boys have been through a lot ... there's just a bond there that's never gonna be broke. Just never gonna be broke."

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Josh Harris, left, and his brother Jake Harris speak at a memorial service on April 30 in Seattle for their father, "Deadliest Catch" Capt. Phil Harris, who died Feb. 9 after suffering a stroke earlier in the year. Credit: Ted S. Warren / Associated Press

Bottom photo: Jake Harris, right, comforts his sister, Shaylah Harris, at the memorial service for their dad.  Credit: Ted S. Warren / Associated Press

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