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'Real Steel' gives us an excuse to run Hugh Jackman pictures

June 15, 2010 | 11:45 am


The Ministry rarely meets a Hugh Jackman photo it doesn't like -- so why should a pic of Jackman acting with an oversized robot boxer be any different? 

In "Real Steel," Jackman plays an out-of-work fighter who, with his estranged son, grooms a junkyard robot boxer as a contender in the new, no-humans-allowed league. The film will use motion-capture animation for the robot-on-robot brawling action, but in live-action scenes -- which started shooting Monday -- the human actors get to interact with 19 real-life animatronic creations.

Oddly, some people's eyes are drawn first to -- get this -- the robots.

"There are some things only visual effects can pull off," director Shawn Levy told USA Today. "But when you give an actor a real thing, in this case a real 8-foot-tall machine, to interact with and do dialogue opposite, you get a more grounded reality to the performance."

After the break, we offer a photograph of Jackman in an on-set discussion with "Night at the Museum" director Levy. Pay careful attention to the character-specific concerns made obvious by the flex of Jackman's left bicep, presented here purely for purposes of artistic analysis.

The DreamWorks film is due to be released November 2011. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla


Top photo: Hugh Jackman in the ring with Noisy Boy at an underground robot brawl. Credit: Greg Williams / DreamWorks II

Bottom photo: Jackman with "Real Steel" director Shawn Levy. Cedit: Greg Williams / DreamWorks II

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