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PREACH IT! Rumors about Michael Jackson's sexual orientation simply won't die [poll]

May 4, 2010 |  4:23 pm
Mj-sign "Was he gay? Yes."

That’s the second quote in a week about the sexual identity of Michael Jackson, and it comes from Arnie Klein. You know, Arnie Klein. That guy who was once Jackson’s doctor and who insists he isn’t sure whether he’s the father of two of Jackson’s kids. That guy.

Klein made the statement to TMZ this week, shortly after Klein’s office manager, Jason Pfeiffer, told "Extra" that he’d had a love affair with the singer.

According to Klein, Pfeiffer’s story sounds about right. And now that he’s confirmed it, the good doctor says, he and Pfeiffer have both become the targets of “horrible death threats.” Exactly who might care enough about the sexual identity of a dead pop singer -- albeit, yes, one of the biggest, weirdest pop singers ever -- to threaten Klein, well, that’s not clear. But nonetheless, the two have told TMZ they now both have bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Michael’s dad, Joe Jackson, is of course denying everything. “It’s not true,” Joe told TMZ.

Which brings us to our inevitable, pseudo-scientific poll: Whom do you believe?

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: More than 280 items are on display through July 4, 2010, as part of "Michael Jackson: The Official Lifetime Collection," an exhibition at the Tokyo Tower museum in Japan. Credit: Toshifumi Kitamura / AFP / Getty Images. 

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