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PREACH IT! Rihanna's haircut of the undead

April 15, 2010 |  5:32 pm
Riri-hedgehog The reviews are in on Rihanna’s latest haircut, the one RiRi debuted a couple of weeks back at the Kids' Choice Awards -- and it’s a hit! Long front bangs, short in the back, a little spiky on one side, couple of different hues -- what’s not to love?

"The singer was previously working a full-fringed bowl-style cut, which she's moved on to something slightly softer," InStyle noted recently, "though there's still a funky shaved bit on the left side for that bit of Rihanna edge."

"A double-your-pleasure hairstyle," Bellasugar raved.

Well played, Rihanna. But wait. Hold on a minute. That haircut. It’s starting to look all kids of familiar.

Long front bangs. Short in the back. A few spiky bits. Couple of different hues.

No. No! It cannot be! But yes! It is! Rihanna, get that hair off of your head right now! It’s supposed to be dead! It’s ... it’s ...

The Hedgehog. Yes, that Hedgehog, the dreaded look that Kate Gosselin championed, only to abandon in favor of longer locks and a second shot at fame on "Dancing With the Stars."

Nobody liked the Hedgehog when it lived on Kate's head. Nobody.

Which proves only one point -- and we’re not sure which one. When it comes to fashion, either Kate Gosselin can do no right, or Rihanna can do no wrong. 

-- Leslie Gornstein

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