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Meet Jenn Sterger: the sports chick you want on your team

April 5, 2010 |  5:52 pm

Jenn Sterger The Daily LineWe at the Ministry love introducing you to new people -- and while we usually run into such on the red carpet, we just found a gem whose stomping ground is mostly artificial turf.

Meet Jenn Sterger, a fiery, brunet sports personality whose show "The Daily Line" starts today on the Versus network. The 26-year-old Florida native has graced the pages of Playboy as a pinup and Sports Illustrated as a trusted expert. 

A definitive guy's girl, Sterger has leveraged her sports prowess and social media presence to ascend the ranks across the board, landing on "The Daily Line" as commentator.

Here are Sterger's essentials:

Her game is unscripted: "Sports is a natural place for women, but it takes balls to have an opinion," Sterger says. "Most women are reading teleprompters and lines that are handed to them as scripts. 'The Daily Line' is basically unscripted, unfiltered and, aside from a seven-second delay, uncensored."

Image isn't everything: "I had breast reduction surgery last August. I had my implants removed because they were obnoxious, and I was being judged," Sterger says. "People were treating me like the A-Rod of my industry, like, 'This girl doesn't deserve to be the home-run champion.' "

Playboy wasn't a power play: Posing nude "has to do with the way a woman carries herself. I act so much like a guy's girl that if I didn't put it out there, people would question if I had a penis," Sterger cracked. "I didn't do full-frontal, though. I think, if I was at the right place and time in my life, I'd do it again."

Tiger and friends -- keep your clubs in the bag: "I don't have a specific opinion on Tiger's story as I do all athletes caught in compromising positions," she said of Woods' recent image implosion. "I feel like at some point these guys need to be sat down and told, 'Look, you're not invincible.' For every dumb girl that's willing to lay down for you, at some point there's going to be one smart enough to know what to do with that. Whether it be getting knocked up or getting you in trouble, whatever."

Tomboy or not, she's girl crushing Kim Kardashian: "I like girls like Kim Kardashian; she's my crush. I think she's beautiful, the fact that she embraces her curves," Sterger said. "I love food, and I don't feel like I should have to eat breadcrumbs to survive in this world."

For those who would help ensure Sterger's broadcast survival, "The Daily Line" airs at 6 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays on Versus. 

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Jenn Sterger will serve up sports commentary four days a week on Versus.

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